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Awareness rising

The main instruments of informational campaign have been meetings, workshops, web-site, information and awareness raising sessions, project presentations at relevant events.
Stakeholders: R&D organizations, universities, innovative businesses, national and regional officials, intermediary organizations.

The main objectives of the dissemination activities are:

  • to achieve visibility for the project activities and its findings across Ukraine, EU and other countries;
  • to raise awareness about the possibility to increase cooperation opportunities and build FP7 partnerships between researchers from Europe and Ukraine;
  • to promote the view that mutual collaboration between EU and Ukraine is the benefit for all the parties involved;
  • to raise awareness about the importance and role of co-operation strategies and approaches in the field of material sciences with Ukraine and France key stakeholders.

The strong outcome of the project will be the organization of joint ISMA/UCBL virtual laboratory which will allow better promotion of ISMA/UCBL activities, research, know-how, opportunities and achievements, increase ISMA’s visibility in Europe





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