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The SUCCESS project will be carried out by a consortium of 4 partners:

  • Coordinator: ISMA of NAS Ukraine
    the leading Ukrainian Science and Research Center in the field of materials for radiation detection research, scintillation crystals growth and development of detectors on their base, which are applied in high energy physics, nuclear medicine, ecology monitoring, space research, etc.
  • Partner: UCBL University Claude Bernard Lyon, France
    the world recognizable expert in fundamental research and education in the field of nano-physics, luminescence, spectroscopy, photoconductivity. UCBL has unique research equipment such as synchrotron generators, ultra- speed laser spectroscopes etc, and has free access to European facilities.
  • Partner: Inno TSD, France
    one of the leading European consultancy companies in innovation and economic development which in particular specializes on strategic development of S&T organizations & commercialization of R&D results.
  • Partner: Kharkov Technologies Center, Ukraine
    13-year experience in providing assistance to scientific research and innovation developments of Ukrainian S&T organizations.


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