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Strategic Development Plan of ISMA

The document presents the Strategic Plan of ISMA and prepares the basis for the further development of the Ukrainian research centre. Strategic Plan has been developed on the basis of a preliminary analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of ISMA (SWOT-analysis) and socio-economic analysis of the current level of science and technology development in the field of ionizing radiation and neutrons detection, as well as competitive benchmark analysis of ISMA against peer institution. The document presents the general concept of the Institute, states mission, vision and goals that will guide the development of the Institute in order to achieve the new level of excellence in science and international activities.

ISMA vision. The Institute will be a global force in interdisciplinary research. Only complementarities of efforts on all activities as from creation of new knowledge to its implementation and innovation offer an advance beyond the state of the art.
We will strive to bring together leading scientists in the field of radiation and matter interaction and to create the theoretical database in this field which will give us the possibility to develop new materials and technologies for radiation detection. We will maintain and expand the expertise of ISMA in research development, engineering and innovation to enhance work environment for new knowledge implementation.

ISMA mission. The mission of the Institute is to support the organic balance and the exchange of knowledge between fundamental, applied and engineering research for effective implementation of new knowledge, materials and technology at a qualitatively new level.

Strategic plan is directed not only to ISMA upscale and more deep involving to the ERA, but to the creation of more hard links between EU organisations that work in the field of radiation detection and scintillation material sciences.


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