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SWOT analysis of ISMA

SWOT analysis aimed to prepare the basis for the future project activities, and in particularly for the ISMA’s strategic development plan. It was expected that detecting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for ISMA would allow a clear overview of the achievements that ISMA should do during the project and beyond. The SWOT analysis will guide the future strategy for ISMA development.

ISMA underlined the importance to identify the positioning of the institute on the European R&D map in the domain of luminescence and scintillation and partners discussed the way in which such positioning can be identified. Partners agreed that the SWOT analysis can be an extremely useful tool for understanding ISMA’s internal and external environment and assessment the forces and weaknesses of the Ukrainian research centre.

SWOT’s focus has been put on the assessment of the ISMA’s ability to play the role of catalisator in creating a European association in the field of radiation detection materials based on scintillators and luminescence transformers.



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