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Peer reviews of the project activity

One of the activities of this project is to create a committee of three external experts- Scientific Reference Team (SRT) from abroad to review the overall progress of SUCCESS project and to provide accurate feedback.

All duties of the SUCCESS Experts were aimed at promoting and supporting EU-Ukrainian R&D collaboration in the field of material sciences and new production technologies (NMP), and in particular in the field of luminescence study and scintillation materials, and was as follows:

  1. to provide contact with the specialists involved with the different European networks in order to help ISMA integration into European technology Platforms and to promote ISMA participation in the FP7 projects;
  2. to promote the SUCCESS project and its activities, acting as a “project ambassador” by keeping your various networks informed of the project outcomes, and by disseminating information about SUCCESS, for example at the conferences or workshops in which you participate;
  3. to take part in at least 4 peer reviews planned by the project:
    • review of the Twinning plan
    • review of the Strategic Development Plan of ISMA
    • review of the joint lab planning
    • review of the twinning and international cooperation activities
  4. to validate project findings and recommendations on twinning activities implementation, joint lab feasibility and reinforcement of ISMA international cooperation capacities

In addition, SRT members were asked to participate in the specific project meetings and in the major project events (e.g. internal workshops of ISMA, networking and brokerage sessions with project partners organized during international conferences, international scientific SUCCESS workshops and consortium meetings, final project conference in Kharkov) organized frame of SUCCESS project.

Each peer reviewer was asked to review separately the work and then a joint meeting has been organized, together with the Scientific Reference Team and the consortium partners. This meeting was linked to the Final SUCCESS Consortium meeting during large scale international conference “International Conference on Advanced Scintillation Materials” ASM-2013 organized by ISMA in the frame of SUCCESS project.

The goal of the review was not only to detect possible weaknesses or points to be improved, but also to discuss future opportunities and network opening between ISMA and the European Union organizations.

All planned reviews were evaluated with positive comments of experts’ team.

It should be noted that bilateral communications with experts during joint participation in international events, ALL PROJECT EVENTS and joint experiments have the considerable influence on SUCCESS project implementation especially on ISMA network enhancement, strengthening of international collaboration, simplification of access to EU facilities.


Project partners are deeply grateful to the members of Scientific Reference Team

Dr. Anna VEDDA, Department of Materials Science, University of Milano-Bicocca

Dr. Andrey VASIL’EV, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Dr. Aleksandr LUSHCHIK, Institute of Physics University of Tartu, Estonia

for active participation in project life and accurate feedback on project challenges.


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