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International conference “ADVANCED SCINTILLATION MATERIALS” ASM-2013

Venue: Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine
23-27 September, 2013, Kharkov, Ukraine
Conference website www.asm-2013.org


Large scale international conference “Advanced Scintillation Materials” (ASM-2013) has been organized by ISMA in the frame of SUCCESS project.

The general topic of the conference was the theory and practice of new scintillation materials. Last years developments of series new scintillators, significant progress at the radioluminescence theory and process in simulation allowed to upscale the state-of-the-art for new efficient media search on the base on more advanced theoretical models and forecasts.
At the conference the latest experimental results and theoretical studies of the luminescence/scintillation science and techniques have been discussed.

The special focus was put on awareness raising about the research of ISMA in particular and in Ukraine in general.

The following scientific topics were covered:

  • Radioluminescence and scintillation mechanisms
  • Excitations in crystals and track simulations
  • Novel phenomena, energy transfer and relaxation in dielectric materials
  • Physics and chemistry of advanced scintillation materials for detectors and transformers of ionizing radiation
  • Mixed scintillation crystals
  • Advanced organic scintillators

90 scientists from EU, USA, Australia, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, China and Japan took part in ASM-2013 conference. Overall 67 scientific contributions were presented during the 5-days conference period.

The world-known scientists in the field of materials science presented 23 invited talks on conference topics.

The results of the joint research obtained in the frame of the twinning activity between ISMA and UCBL during SUCCESS project implementation were comprehensively presented in oral and poster presentations according to the following topics:

  • mixed crystal luminescence study
  • energy transfer to the nano particles uploaded plastic scintillators
  • comparative crystal growth with different technique use

In the frame of the ASM-2013 conference ISMA production tour and crystal museum exhibition were organized to familiarize conference participants with crystal growth techniques, research and development activities of ISMA in the field of radiation detection and promote interest of international community to ISMA capacities for research and technology development.

During ASM conference networking sessions and face-to-face meeting aimed at approaching the researchers from Ukraine and Europe and discussion joint collaboration opportunities were carried out.

Networking program has been implemented during the Day1 and Day 3 of the ASM conference. ISMA researchers got the opportunity of networking and face-to-face meetings aimed at establishing partnerships on European and world level:

  • ASM Day 1. Poster and networking session;
  • ASM Day 3. Networking and face-to-face meetings.

The result of the networking activity is extension of the international cooperation activity within (Poland) as well as beyond Europe (Japan).


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