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REPORT on 2nd SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop
“Scintillation Materials for Nuclear Medicine”

Venue: Institute of Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine
19–22 September 2011, Kharkov, Ukraine

2nd SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop “Scintillation Materials for Nuclear Medicine” has been held in conjunction with “International Conference on Nuclear Medicine. Physics, Engineering and Practice”.

Consolidation of these workshops gives the unique opportunity to invite experts from the world leading institutions in scintillation materials research and development and applied phisycs Argon lab (USA), UCBL (France), CERN (), Nederland, Switzerland

131 participants from 7 countries (Ukraine, Russia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, USA) take part in these events.

The special guest of the institute Dr. Christian Pedrini (UCBL) was conferred on honorary professor of the Institute of scintillation materials.

The workshop is aimed on gathering scientists and specialists from different fields connected with Nuclear Medicine to discuss actual problems starting from physical basis and imaging instrumentation to radiopharmaceuticals and medical analyses.

The word recognizable scientists in the field of radiation interaction with matter and scintillation materials research assemble for brainstorming of the actual problems of scintillation physics, like emitted light self-absorption, light yield non-proportionality etc.

During Round table discussion a particular focus has been put on new detection materials development and possibilities to foster knowledge transfer from laboratory to industry.

Exhibition tour around the institute brings the excellent opportunity to promote expertise and capacities of ISMA in applied research and development of scintillation materials and detectors.


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