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The 3d Consortium meeting

13 September, 2012, Halle, Germany

Consortium meeting aimed

  • to analyze project achievements obtained on the base of collaborative and international activity during the First Project Reporting Period (November 2010 to April 2012);
  • to discuss the scientific topics, which will define the direction of research in the nearest future, on the base of LUMDETR results.

A particular focus has been put on the strategic issues linked to straightening of ISMA involvement into European scientific area trough extending of the international cooperation and implicating of new partners into joint collaborative projects.

Topics of Joint scientific research on the period October 2012- October 2013 have been discussed and prolongated to the end of the project, October 2013. According to the current trends in physics of luminescent and scintillation materials special attention will be put on investigation of solid solutions and inorganic-organic composite materials.

The partners have exchanged ideas about strategy of future joint activities especially possibilities of consortium enhancement. A list of potential partners for future collaborative projects has been proposed.


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