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REPORT on 4th SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop “Future SUCCESS”

Venue: UCBL conference hall
11-12 December, 2012, Lyon, France

22 participants from 7 countries (Ukraine, France, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Russia and Armenia) took part in The 4th SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop “Future SUCCESS”. The 4th SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop has been held by ISMA and UCBL in order to provide the base for consolidation of scientific efforts and resources for synergy of European and Associated Countries research centers. A particular focus has been put on Horizon EC networking policy and methodology for further applications preparation.

Workshop aimed the following targets:

  • presenting of SUCCESS project results;
  • discussion of novel physical conception of energy transfer in scintillation materials;
  • search for mutual interests and capabilities of possible partners in new projects;
  • discussion of possible scientific topics for new joint projects.

The following topics have been covered:

  • Scintillation Processes
  • Key methods of scintillators characterization
  • New Materials:
    • Nanostructured scintillators
    • Mixed crystals
    • CsI based materials

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