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A. Vasil’ev Multiple scale approach to estimation of scintillator characteristics vasilev.pdf   4 980 Kb 
O. Gektin Scintillation efficiency improvement by mixed crystal use gektin.pdf 1 748 Kb 
C. Dujardin Nanophysics for scintillation registration: Advantages and limits dujardin.pdf 15 995 Kb 
A. Lushchik Competition between luminescence and nonradiative processes in wide-gap scintillation materials lushchik.pdf 381 Kb 
V. Nagirnyi Manifestation of exciton-exciton interaction in scintillator response nagirnyi.pdf 1 557 Kb 
A. Vedda Stem effect removal in real time monitoring of therapy beams by Eu3+-doped scintillating fibers vedda.pdf 2 864 Kb 
F. Moretti Memory effect in YPO4:Ce,Nd – a model material moretti.pdf 1 207 Kb 
D. Spassky Trap centers in molybdates spassky.pdf 857 Kb 
S. Gridin Energy relaxation channels in Tl- and In-doped CsI crystals gridin.pdf 671 Kb 
O. Sidletskiy Mechanisms of light yield improvement in Ce-doped LGSO mixed oxide scintillator sidletskiy1.pdf 1 610 Kb 
N. Shiran Color center based scintillation in LiF crystals shiran.pdf 1 581 Kb 
S. Vasuykov Scintillation properties deterioration due to hydroxyl and oxygen presence in Eu doped alkali halides vasuykov.pdf 1 913 Kb 
O. Sidletskiy Confocal microscopy of luminescence inhomogeneity in LGSO:Ce scintillator crystal sidletskiy2.pdf 2 990 Kb 
O. Sidletskiy Thermoluminescent properties of undoped and Ce-doped LSO and YSO single crystals and single crystalline films scintillators sidletskiy3.pdf 211 Kb 


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