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12th International Conference on Inorganic Scintillators and their Applications SCINT2013

15-19 April, 2013, Shanghai, China

Following the tradition, the conference focused on new development and hopefully trigger new insights and ideas of scintillators and their never ending applications. The conference brought together the experts in the field of scintillation materials development and scintillation physics as well as those who are involved in application R & D.

Scintillation detectors based on scintillators have strong impact not only in traditional nuclear and high energy physics researches, but also in our daily medical checking, diagnosis and therapy as well as in various applications associated with industry and homeland security. The conference will provide chances for the experts in the whole community to have fruitful communications and in the mean time to attract young researchers or students to this prosperous field.

For more information visit the conference website www.scint2013.org


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