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Presenting author Presentation File name Size
C.Dujardin Introduction, overview and present status of inorganic scintillators oral-dujardin.pdf 4 792 Kb
P.Savchyn Luminescence of nano- and microcrystals embedded in halide matrices oral-savchyn.pdf 3 073 Kb
I.Tupitsyna The scintillation crystals of tungstate and molybdate for high sensitivity 2? and dark matter experiments oral-tupisyna.pdf 4 018 Kb
A.Voloshinovskii High-energy electronic excitations in nanoparticles of lanthanide phosphates oral-voloshinovskii.pdf 1 637 Kb
A.Zaichenko Functional oligoperoxide based luminescent polymer and polymermineral nanocomposites oral-zaichenko.pdf 3 610 Kb
V.Vistovskyy Intrinsic luminescence of LaPO4 nanoparticles poster-vistovskyy.pdf 427 Kb
I.Boiaryntseva Luminescent study of Ca1-xPrxF2+x (x=0.35) solid solution poster-boiarynseva.pdf 1 946 Kb
N.Boiko Biomedical application of functional nanophosphors for diagnostics and drug (gene) delivery systems poster-boiko.pdf 479 Kb
A.Lebedynskiy CsI:Eu columnar films: structure and emission peculiarities poster-lebedynskiy.tif 5 856 Kb
T.Malyy Electronic electronic exciitatiions iin LuPO4-Eu and LuPO4-Pr nanoparticles poster-malyy.pdf 220 Kb
N.Mitina Template synthesis and characterization of oligoperoxide based polymer-mineral nanoscale phosphors and scintillators poster-mitina.pdf 378 Kb
S.Neicheva Ce1 and Ce2 emission centers in Lu2-2xGd2xSiO5 solid solutions poster-neicheva.pdf 4 283 Kb
A.Pushak Luminescent properties of Eu2+ doped Sr-containing aggregates in CsI poster-pushak.pdf 1 540 Kb
P.Savchyn Peculiarities of the Eu2+ luminescence in the NaCl-LaCl3-EuCl3 system poster-savchyn.pdf 309 Kb
G.Stryganyuk Features of Ce3+ 5d 4f lumiinescence from nanosiized La1-xCexF3 crystallites poster-stryganyuk.pdf 240 Kb
S.Vasyukov Luminescent properties of CsI:Eu single crystals: lattice structure and energy transfer poster-vasyukov.pdf 9 433 Kb
A.Voloshinovskii Recombination luminescence Recombination luminescence off LaPO4-Eu nanopartiiclles poster-voloshinovskii.pdf 198 Kb
A.Gektin Project: Strengthening Ukraine and EU research cooperation in the field of Material Sciences gektin.pdf 858 Kb


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