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1st SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop
“Scintillation and Luminescence Materials”

Venue: Institute of Experimental Physics, GDANSK UNIVERSITY
17–22 July 2011, Gdansk, Poland

1st SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop “Scintillation and Luminescence Materials” was held in conjunction with The THIRD International Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy and Optical Materials (IWASOM).

183 participants from 23 countries took part in both workshops.

1st SUCCESS International Scientific Workshop aims to inform of the scientific community about objectives and possibilities of SUCCESS FP7 project, to introduce first results of twining activity and joint research and to inquire into main tendencies of scientific research in the project thematic priority NMP and particular in the field of luminescent and scintillation materials, novel nanomaterials and technologies.

Workshop has covered the following topics:

  • Nanoscale optical materials
  • Thin films and low-dimensional systems.
  • Scintillators, lasers and phosphors: recent progress, new materials and new applications.
  • Experimental methods for characterizing rare earth activated materials.
  • Optical materials and devices for biomedical and environmental applications.
  • Theory and modeling.

A particular focus has been put on the presentation of the main scientific results of joint ISMA/UCBL research, such as:

  • Mixed crystal luminescence study
  • Low temperature luminescence study and cryogenic scintillators search
  • Energy transfer to the nanoparticles uploaded into plastic scintillators

The Workshop has provided an international meeting for exchange information on advanced spectral methods, physics of novel optical materials like semiconductors, dielectrics and nanomaterials. That large scale event gave the opportunity not only to present results of joint researches to scientific community but bring fruitful discussion and ideas exchange during informal communications with leading experts in Material science.

Bilateral interactions between partners and the Scientific Reference Team was organized during all conference duration.

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